World pipe band champion…

JSRHutcheon Photo.psdWorld pipe band champion Jwill be playing the annual lament to the world famous dog during Greyfriars Bobby Commemoration Day as is no longer able to play due to an operation on his hand.

The composer of a ‘Tribute to Greyfriars Bobby’ Jennifer will be playing the jaunty pipe tune during the event.

She  has an artillery connection as her grandfather  High Spence of the Royal Garrison Artillery was killed in action at Flanders on 7th July 1917 during the First World War.

Dog lovers wishing to attend Greyfriars Bobby Commemoration Day on 14th January should telephone the Central Library, Edinburgh.

This week’s photo shows Jennifer after winning the World Pipe Band Championships Banner and Trophies when she was playing with Shotts and Dykehead Pipe Band.

Bruce Vickery gave a…

telescope gave a first class presentation on the life and work  the first Astronomer Royal for Scotland at the Central Library, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh last Wednesday.

A reporter for ‘The Scotsman’ was in the audience.

A member of the Astronomical Society of Edinburgh and the Calton Stakeholders Committee, Bruce has spent the last two years in the Royal Observatory’s library researching the history of the observatory on the Calton Hill.

Work is now underway to bring the building back to it’s former glory and it’s hoped that the observatory which houses the transit telescope used by the astronomers to calculate the time sent electrically to the time ball and the One o’Clock Gun will be open to the public.

We’re grateful to Bob Lawson…

watchmanWe’re grateful  for bringing our attention to the Watchman of Ystad who blows his copper horn to signal the time from 21.15 to 01.00 nightly from the tower of St:a Maria Church.

A single note is blown every fifteen minutes, to each of the town’s four cardinal points to assure the citizens that ‘All’s well’.

Although the tradition dates back many hundreds of years, no one knows exactly when the signal originated. It is known that a Watchman worked in the town during the 17th century when the present church tower was built.

Originally the Watchman’s job was to warn the townspeople of invasion by land or sea or report fires by blowing his horn.

He now telephones the emergency services should a problem occur.

Although Greyfriars Church Visitor Centre…

Although Greyfriars Church Visitor Centre is now closed for the winter, visitors to the capital will be able to look round the historic graveyard.

Before it closed, in addition to the U.K, visitors from the U.S.A, Russia, the Netherlands and Japan stopped in to see and admire John MacLeod’s outstanding painting of Greyfriars Bobby.

She met the  relief gunner at Edinburgh Castle when she visited the capital to carry out research on the people and places connected with the terrier.

She planned to return to Scotland later in the year, ill health prevented her from doing so, but she’s now feeling fine.