History of the One o’clock Gun

  1. 1861 One o’clock Gun set up at Edinburgh Castle. Colour drawings – Riggers setting up cable – Firing procedure – The Half Moon Battery Edinburgh Castle 1882
  2. 1863  Time guns set up at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, North Shields and South Shields.
  3. 1872 Dundee time gun set up.
  4. 1896   Royal Observatory opens on Blackford Hill. Time Circuit, One o’clock Gun
  5. 1913  32 pounder installed as One o’clock Gun
  6. 1923  18 pounder field gun replaces 32 pounder in July
  7. 1941  18 pounder field gun sent to Bute to be used as an anti-tank weapon. Found to be impractical the gun is soon withdrawn from service. The One o’clock Gun resumed firing four years later.
  8. 1952  25 pounder replaces 18 pounder field gun in May. Time gun moved to Mills Mount Battery in 1971 and the clock withdrawn from service.
  9. 2001  105mm Light Gun replaces 25 pounder in November.